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Strategic LItigation Plans

You plan strategically for your business. Why not for your litigation as well?  

The CLS team has handled thousands of complex litigation matters, as both in-house counsel and as outside counsel. They understand the issues that arise when litigation threatens the very existence of the company. Best of all, they think creatively. They offer a comprehensive evaluation of your current litigation strategy and can produce a framework to forge a successful path ahead. Their unique experience working with both plaintiffs' and defense counsel allows them to put together strategies that get a successful solution To your complex litigation. And, creative billing and pricing is available.


The CLS team has mediated scores of cases, from relatively small slip & fall matters to wrongful death, consumer fraud, environmental, and class action suits. CLS team members have worked in the government and private industry. We are your team because understanding all options allows for more creative thinking.

The CLS team has arbitrated cases for insurance companies, national financial institutions, and product manufacturers. Most recently, the CLS team has been named to a panel of arbitrators to resolve  individual claims in a nationwide class action suit against  an automobile manufacturer.

E-Discovery & Data Privacy

Privacy and data security issues represent an ever increasing concern for clients especially when faced with litigation and the burden of e-discovery.  The CLS team works closely with clients to meet these data governance and compliance challenges in a strategic and defensible manner.  The CLS team has worked with clients to provide oversight and discovery strategies in litigation, to evaluate and update internal policies, to provide general data governance counseling as well as auditing of existing program elements.  The CLS team recognizes that you have a business to run and we approach data governance as an exercise in efficiency through preparedness.

About Us

John Galvin; Special Master; Mediation; Settlement Counsel; Mass Tort litigation

John Galvin

John has spent the last thirty years embroiled in some of the highest profile litigation in the country.  From resolving the claims of 10,000 people who contracted HIV from taking a biologic medicine in one of the very first MDL's, to obtaining a recovery for the widower and daughter of a woman killed in a crash with an eighteen-wheeler, to serving as national settlement counsel on a billion dollar commercial litigation case, John has seen litigation from all sides.

Dana Redwing; Litigation; Mediation

Dana Redwing

Dana has seen all sides of litigation. As a young lawyer, she tried cases with Johnnie Cochran and Willie Gary, winning verdicts in excess of $100 million. She also developed affirmative action plans and settlement agreements for large corporatoins. Dana served as part of the regional counsel team for several pharmaceutical manufacturers. In her 7 years as Chief Counsel for the Eastern District of Missouri, she represented clients in scores of state and federal trials, mediations and arbitrations.  

Suzanne Galvin; Mediation; Arbitration; Litigation

Suzanne Galvin

Suzanne has focused her career on finding common interests among parties. For example, while in-house at a large healthcare entity, Suzanne initiated a policy of early evaluation of claims before escalation. The result was not only a savings in attorney fees, but also an enhanced atmosphere throughout the institution of openness that lead to the development policies & procedures that improved patient outcomes. 

Ryan Mohr

Ryan has extensive experience meeting the challenges presented by electronically stored information.  Ryan is certified as an e-discovery specialist through the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists and was honored to assist with the development of a new certification exam.  Ryan also has experience with liability assessments and development of policies and procedures to meet the ever increasing data privacy and security requirements


  The only ones who benefit from litigation are the lawyers. Our mediation and arbitration services can help you resolve your cases. Quickly and favorably.  Our Litigation Management can help you if you've just been pulled into a big case, or if you've been stuck in a case for too long and you are wondering who is really representing your interests. Our cybersecurity and e-discovery counsel will solve even your most daunting issues. We will be your counselor, your sounding board, your advocate. We will brainstorm solutions that other do not consider--our results speak for themselves. We offer this all at a flat fee so that a quick resolution benefits us as well as you.  

Complex Litigation Solutions

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